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Welcome to you all, how are you all doing. If you’re here to make comments on my situation I’ll gladly show you the door.

Posted on March 21, 2013 at 16:39

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    It can be seen as a way that they are distracting themselves from their situation by creating a “villain” or something...
  2. karthiamouu reblogged this from monacomonoikos and added:
    Pfff, it’s amazing how they can spend so much time criticizing me when their own countries aren’t doing very well...
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    [a light chuckle] Come, then. Know any good bars around?
  4. trandafircarpatian--moved said: To make a comment would be so unnecessarily cruel, calling the kettle back, maybe- but I cannot blame you for saying that. Forget us for a second, how are /you/ doing?